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Kenya Popular Destinations

Menengai Crater

Located on the northern side of Nakuru is the single largest surviving volcanic crater in the world. The Menengai Crater is an extinct volcano that offers striking views of Lake Nakuru, Lake Bogoria and the crater itself.

It is believed that the crater is a historic ground for a battle between different clans from the Maasai community who fought for grazing land and pastures on the slopes of the Rift Valley. For photography lovers, 8 km to the top of the crater, beautiful pink and blue colors of Lake Nakuru and Lake Bogoria become clearer and can make excellent pictures under a brisk sunset.

Hiking, trekking, biking, camping, picnic at strategic campsites, and photography are famous tour activities of there.

Nakuru, Kenya

Kisumu Town

Kisumu City is a quiet port town on the shores of Lake Victoria with wide streets and fine colonial architecture. Kisumu was awarded City Status in 2001 and has since grown into an attractive urban centre, with an excellent museum, one of Kenya’s largest open markets and excellent facilities for visitors.Located just a Kilometer from Kisumu’s central business district is the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary a walking sanctuary and holding area for animals which require special protection in this densely populated area. Herds of impalas and zebras roam freely in the sanctuary.

To the south of Kisumu City fishing villages line Lake Victoria towards the broad waters of Homa Bay. This area is home to Ruma National Park, a small but attractive park with many unique species.

The best way to appreciate the beauty of this region is on the lake itself. The sun shines brightly, and gentle breezes rise from the water.

In trees along the shore, Fish Eagles call to each other with long haunting cries. Sunsets turn the water to gold, as the local fisherman in their canoes pull in their nets and slowly turn for home.

Kisumu, Kenya

North Coast

The coastline North of Mombasa is a world of enthralling history and natural beauty.

The coast is lined with pristine palm fringed beaches, and the calm inviting waters of the Indian Ocean. The beaches are broken by the wide mouth of Kilifi Creek, whose azure waters are a popular port of call on the international yachting circuit.

The beaches of Nyali, Vipingo, Kikambala and Shanzu are home to a wide range of World Class resorts with fine cuisine and services.

The peaceful beach havens of Mtwapa and Takaungu offer an ideal escape from the outside world, with endless deserted beaches.

The offshore reefs are alive with coral, myriad fish, sea turtles and dolphins. Both outer and inner reef walls offer world class diving with spectacular coral gardens and drop offs, and Kenya’s best wreck diving on the MV Dania.

The gateway to the North Coast is Mombasa, although some visitors fly directly to Malindi. See the Mombasa section for details of how to get to Mombasa. The Coastal highway runs north of Mombasa all the way to Kenya’s northern frontier. Driving your own car or hired car as far as Malindi is very easy. There are regular buses and matatus along the North coast. Many hotels and resorts in this area have Mombasa shuttles or can arrange vehicle transfers. Private taxis from Mombasa will also take you to the North Coast beaches for an agreed fare. Malindi airport has daily scheduled flights to Mombasa, Nairobi and Lamu. The airport also serves Private Charters.

Mombasa, Kenya

Garden City Mall

Garden City Mall is part of Kenya’s first integrated development, currently incorporating retail and residential. The mall is home to over 100 stores, offering a wide selection of international and best Kenyan brands. Garden City has everything you need under one roof,  anchored by the first GAME store in Kenya, Nakumatt, TACC & Victoria Courts and home to Cafes and Restaurants, Fashion and Beauty Stores, Century IMAX, service outlets i.e. Medical, pharmacies, optical services, banking services, mobile electronics, dry-cleaning, toys and many more.

The interior experience of the mall is enhanced by the airy terraces and high ceilings. The Park is designed for the whole family to enjoy and includes a children’s playground, a water fountain play –park, and features public art installations by Kenyan artists. Sustainability has been a big factor in the design and planning of Garden City, the solar paneled car port on the roof of the mall is one of the largest example of its kind in Africa. Garden City is located between Exit 7 and Exit 8 on the Thika superhighway and only 15 minutes’ drive from Nairobi’s CBD, Westlands and Runda.

Enjoy ample secure parking. Parking is free of charge Monday – Thursday then Friday- Sunday, parking is free for the first hour and 50 Kshs every hour after that. Free Wi-Fi in the mall. Sample our Maasai market every Thursday from 9am – 6pm. Enjoy live Jazz music every Friday from 5pm – 9pm at our Live after 5 session and live music entertainment at our first floor food terrace every Saturday and Sunday from 4pm and 2pm respectively.

Nairobi, Kenya

Loldia House

On a private farm of 6,500 acres at Lake Naivasha, Loldia House features on the list as it makes a fantastic base to explore many of the above attractions while also being a fantastic destination in its own right. Enjoy comfortable accommodation and sightings of hippopotamus on the house grounds. While enjoying Loldia House, you can choose guided excursions to different lakes and Kenyan attractions, such as visiting Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, visiting Hell’s Gate National Park, visiting Lake Bogoria, seeing a museum, and enjoying wildlife safaris.

In addition to being so close to Nairobi, Loldia House has its own airstrip to the Masai Mara so its makes a great place before your African safari. Loldia House provides an experience like an early African settler where you can enjoy the pleasure of Kenyan country life. The surroundings include the dormant volcano, Mount Longonot, which makes for a fantastic view.

Enjoy your choice of accommodation, from an old family house or different cottages on the grounds. The main house is decorated in the old settler’s style and contains four en-suite double rooms. The house is then accompanied by different cottages, such as one which is ideal for honeymooners. The cottages are surrounded by flower gardens or sit on the lake shore.

Naivasha, Kenya

Lake Bogoria

A very scenic and attractive area to visit, Lake Bogoria is a salt lake in a volcanic region of Kenya and is a little south of the Rift Valley. Because of the water, the lake is very attractive for lesser flamingos and the area was turned into the Lake Bogoria National Reserve. Here you will find one of the world’s largest populations of lesser flamingos and it makes an excellent day trip.

The lake is quite shallow and is famous for its hot springs and geysers due to its location in a volcanic area. The geysers erupt to about 5 meters high making for quite a spectacle and at one location around the lake you can find 10 in the same area, which means the lake is home to the highest concentration of true geysers in the whole of Africa.

In addition to the scenery and abundant flamingos, the lake is famous for the reflections of the Laikipia escarpment. The flamingos are also not the only wildlife you will see here, as you also stand a good chance of spotting kudu, a majestic and famous African antelope.

Nairobi, Kenya

The Jambo Kenya Deluxe

The train journey connecting Nairobi and Mombasa is one of the world’s best journeys by rail. Step back into the 1950s as you board the train to enjoy classical comfort on a historical journey. Enjoy a three-course dinner service and a cooked breakfast on the overnight train journey as you pass through some fantastic areas of Kenya. See impressive scenery, enjoy passing local communities to see normal Kenyan life, and as the main attraction, pass through the middle of the impressive Tsavo National Park to spot different iconic African wildlife.

The Jambo Kenya Deluxe provides a comfortable and classical way to make the journey to and from Mombasa. You can even enjoy a safari experience as part of your travel to spot zebra, giraffes, elephants, and ostriches from the comfort of your cabin as you sip on your wine in the dining car. Because this is an old train, you should be prepared that the train is starting to show its age, such as the odd light not working and some of the china is chipped.

Nairobi, Kenya

Arabuko Sokoke National Park

The Arabuko Sokoke National Park is a coastal protected area of forest about 100 km north of Mombasa and contains a lot of endemic species, including different mammals, birds, and plants. The forest here is regarded as one of the best preserved in the country and protects a few different forest types, which are each home to their different communities. The Arabuko-Sokoke Forest itself extends beyond the park and is the largest remaining tract of native coastal forest in East Africa.

The endemic species that live in the park include a number of birds such as the Sokoke pipit, Amani sunbird, and spotted ground thrush. There are also different shrews and duiker. As well as these endemic animals, you can find elephants, baboons, vervet monkeys, and others.

This forest merges with the mangroves, which you can explore on boat trips. The mangroves are visited by a number of birds, including flamingos and the area is an important breeding area for a number of different fish.

Mombasa, Kenya

Haller Park

Located in Mombasa on Kenya’s coastline, Haller Park was a chance foundation that started when Dr. Rene Haller noticed some millipedes feeding on dry casuarina needles in a quarry area. He decided to introduce hundreds of these red legged millipedes with the idea that they may re-engineer the forest.

Haller Park now provides homes for a variety of animals and plants, but also functions as a relaxation destination for visitors. It took around 10 years before significant changes occurred and after 20 years the humus layer had a depth of 10 cm.

The park is a fantastic place to visit for a glimpse at the potential of conservation and restoration, but also is popular with animal lovers in its own right. The park is now home to giraffes, hippos, Cape buffalo, zebra, and over 160 different birds. The park reached fame thanks to a 130 year old tortoise named Mzee adopting an orphaned hippopotamus named Owen.

There are areas to ride your bicycle and walking trails that wind through the different gardens, reptile park, crocodile pens, and butterfly house.

Mombasa, Kenya

The Giraffe Center

Must-visit attraction to see, the center cares for different Rothschild giraffes as part of a breeding program to help restock national parks and aid the conservation of giraffe populations. Happily, the sanctuary has had high success and is now a major tourist attraction in Nairobi.

Thanks to the founders who established the breeding sanctuary back in 1979, the center has provided many breeding pairs of giraffes to several protected areas in Kenya. As well as the breeding pairs, young calves born at the sanctuary are also introduced into the parks.

The main draw of the center for visitors is the raised observation platform where people can feed the giraffes. To add a little diversity, the center is also inhabited by a number of warthogs that live happily with their larger long-necked friends. Visitors can even stay at the Giraffe Manor to enjoy an immersive giraffe-experience for your stay in Nairobi.

Not only actively involved in Kenya’s conservation programs, the sanctuary also has different education programs for Kenyan schoolchildren as part of the community outreach program. Visitors can hear about the work the center is doing in the auditorium to enjoy talks about giraffe conservation and the center’s various programs, such as the annual environmental competition for local children.

As an additional surprise, the center contains a 95 acre nature sanctuary, which is composed of both Ngong and Ololua forest, including the Gogo River. You can enjoy a trail walk through the forest to see different monkeys, warthogs, and antelope. Of course, the center also includes a tea house with wonderful views of the giraffes to enjoy a light meal and drink.

The Giraffe center is about 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) from Nairobi center and makes the perfect activity if you find yourself in Nairobi for a few days before or after your African safari.

Nairobi, Kenya