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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BB, HB FB and All Inclusive meal plan?
"HB" means Half Board, Hotel rates will be inclusive of Daily Breakfast and Lunch or Dinner

"BB" means Bed and Breakfast the rates quoted on the Website is inclusive of daily Buffet Breakfast.

"FB" means Full Board the rates that will be quoted to you will be inclusive of Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

"All Inclusive" means the rates that will be quoted to you will be inclusive of Daily Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and drinks - both non-alcoholic drinks and (usually selected) alcoholic drinks taken during and even between meals.

How do I make a reservation at the african travel hub website?
From every hotel details page choose the hotel you want to stay in and press or click on "Enquire/Reserve" Button at the hotel page. You will be taken into a Reservation form. On the form, just follow the instructions. After you fill out all of the needed information; press the "SUBMIT" button.

How long will it take to get a hotel's confirmation?
If the space is available, the booking can be confirmed within 4 to 6 hours.
If no more allotment is available at that moment, we will make the request to the hotel. In this case, it might take 1 or 2 working days to get the confirmation.

What if the hotel/lodge I requested is not available?
You will be notified via e-mail if your requested hotel is not available. And our reservations experts will send you alternative hotel(s) of comparable standards, prices and in the same area (if available) for your consideration.

When I submit my reservation, where does my request go?
All travel arrangements are processed through African Travel Hub Reservation Department. All reservation will be followed up within 24 hours. In this case the email you receive from our Reservation staff will not contain a confirmation number; however it will contain a Service Order . Your reservation IS NOT confirmed until you receive a Confirmation voucher from us. When we receive the confirmation number, it will be emailed to you

Once I have made my reservation, will I receive any written confirmation from the hotel?
No. The email confirmation you receive from African Travel Hub is all you will need.

Can I make a reservation directly through the hotel?
You can, but the prices displayed on African Travel Hub site are available only through our service. If you make a reservation at the hotel, you might be charged on average 20% to 50% more.

When do you check availability?
We check availability only at the point of making a reservation.

Will you confirm my reservation by Email, fax or phone?
Usually we make confirmations by e-mail, so please make double sure that you have provided us the correct e-mail address. Although if you cannot provide an email address, we will send the confirmation by fax.

When do I need to Pay for hotel?
Once we confirm a reservation in return E-mail for you, you will be given cut-off date. You will need to settle your payments on or before this date. Failure to settle all the payments before the cut-off date may cause your reservation to be cancelled, especially if falls on the busy period.

If I failed to settle payments with in due date can my reservation be still accepted?
Yes it will be accepted but we cannot promise the same hotel will be available for your requested dates it is always subject to availability of the hotel space and our allocation with the hotel.

Why do I need to fax authorization form and photo copy of my credit card?
We can understand your security concern. But in some cases we might need to ask you a photocopy of you credit card and this is just a way to filter out any bad transaction and to verify if the credit card used for the booking was in fact in your possession and it was you only who made the booking and not some body who happen to have your credit card number etc. We take great care while handling your credit card information and do not share any of your information with other vendors and partners.

Is the credit card information secure with African Travel Hub?
Along side our effort to provide the best service, the security of your personal information is our greatest priority! That's why we utilize the latest encryption technology to ensure the safety of your personal information.

Why does African Travel Hub ask for a Credit Card Back to Back copy and any valid ID or passport copy of the Card holder?
To prevent fraud cases and give protection to our clients, sometimes we need to ask for these documents for proper verification of our local Bank Merchant before charging your credit card specially to those having very big transaction with us.

Once I decide to Confirm my reservation with your Company How do I pay?
When you receive a Confirmation E-mail from our Reservation staff they send you at the same time Credit Card payment form through E-mail. You need to fill that form, get it signed by the card holder and fax back to us with front and back copy of the Credit card and Passport copy of the Card holder to be verified by our Bank in order to prevent credit card fraud cases.

What Major Credit Cards You accept?
We accept Visa, Master Card and AMEX but payments through AMEX is subject to 4% credit card Surcharges.

Can I make payment by Bank Transfers?
Yes. You can pay by bank transfers but you must pay all the Telegraphic Transfer Bank Charges that is more or less US$ 20.00. Telegraphic Transfers can only be acceptable if you are Arriving minimum of 10 days prior.

If my payments are not clear or my Telegraphic Transfer is not received by you can my reservation be still secured or hold?
No, if we do not receive any payments with in due date all your reservation to be cancelled automatically.

Are taxes and breakfast included in your prices for the lodges and camps?
Yes. Unless noted otherwise, all taxes and breakfast are included.

Are your Hotels and lodge prices by room or by person?
All prices in our service are per room, not per person. For example, a price for a single means a room with one person, for a double means a room with 2 persons, etc.

How can you offer rooms at such discounted prices?
For two reasons. First, all reservations are made through African Safari Hub, we have negotiated these favorable rates. Second, we use the internet to do all the transactions, which cuts our cost considerably.

What is your cancellation policy for Hotel and lodge bookings?
1) If cancellation is notified to us by fax or email 6 days before check in date, Full refund less 4 % (Being Credit Card Processing Fee) will be Paid back to you. If cancellation is notified to us less than the mentioned period above then one night charge for normal season will be levied and refund the balance amount less 4 % and for peak season full cancellation charges apply.

2) No show - means no email or notification of cancellation is received to our office that guest is unable to travel before the check-in date. Payments already made for such a booking are not refundable and will be forfeited accordingly.

3) Unused vouchers - No refund provided in event of cancellation or alteration for the services mentioned in the voucher which the guest might decide not to use once the date of check-in commences.

Can African Travel Hub supply a cot or crib for my room when I travel with children?
Some of the hotels and lodges have Baby cot or crib facilities but still African Travel Hub Reservation staff will help you to request or recommend such hotels that are 100 percent sure to have these facilities.
How do I request an early check-in or late checkout with the hotel?
Since hotel policies regarding early check-in (generally 12:00 noon) or late checkout (generally after 12:00 noon) vary by location and by hotel as it is always subject to availability of the hotel, please contact us by e-mail or by phone prior to your arrival to make any necessary arrangements.

Can't find the answer to your hotel booking question?
Email us your specific question, at info(at) and we will be happy to provide a prompt response.

Booking a Tour

How do I/we book our chosen Safari through your Company?
Just complete our Online booking form on the website or send us an e-mail to info{at}

How can I pay you for the Safari and Tour and what are your Charges for Credit Card Payments?
We require 25% deposit wired to our account, and balance is payable at least 20 days prior to commencement of the safari. We accept payment by Visa and Master Card but there is a 4% surcharge for Credit Card Payments.

How far in advance should I book my safari?
It is better to book as far in advance as possible to ensure availability at the time you wish to travel, especially during the high/peak seasons.

Does your price include all International Flights?
No. International Airfare to and from East Africa is not included. We recommend that you make contact with a local travel agent for this. However, should you encounter difficulties, we can recommend reliable travel agents.

What type of vehicles do you use on safari?
Depending on the type of tour you purchase, African Safari Hub uses either 7-seater custom safari micro vans or 4WD closed Jeeps with pop-up roof ideal for game viewing, photography and sight seeing. The vehicles are fitted with HF long range radios for easy communication and are well maintained to provide maximum level of comfort and safety. In addition to the above, all our vehicles are fully equipped with cool-boxes and first aid kits.

How many people do you take on a safari?
Our tours have guaranteed departures with a minimum of two people and recommend a maximum of 6 persons per safari vehicle, for guaranteed window seats.

What are the terms when booking a safari with your company?
Please see our General Terms & Conditions page.

Is it possible for people with special needs to travel on any of your Safaris?
We cannot guarantee that facilities will be available for such as wheelchair passengers, but some of the properties that we use have these facilities. Please contact us with your specific requirements at the time of making arrangements so that we can ensure everything is arranged in advance for your comfort.

Can you cater for people with special Dietary requirements?
Yes we do! Please make sure to give us advanced notice so that we can make arrangements with the hotel, lodges and camps concerned.

Do I/We require Travel Insurance?
We strongly recommend that you take out all of the necessary Travel Insurance before commencing on your journey. However, we offer free membership with Flying Doctors' Society of Africa to all our clients while on safari with us in countries were Flying Doctors operate. This will offer you, the traveler security in the knowledge that should a medical emergency arise, the Flying Doctors Service and evacuation to a reputable hospital are just a call away. This free service from us only covers only rescue. Ensure you inform us in case you would like to take it up.

Are the destinations and Safaris that you offer safe and secure?
All of the destinations that we offer are considered to be safe and secure, and are all well-established destinations and locations.

Is the water safe to drink?
While water in major towns is chlorinated and relatively safe to drink, it is safer to drink sealed bottled water, available in stores and supermarkets.

What Type of a Safaris does African Travel Hub organize ?
We can offer you a variety of safaris, from luxury safaris with deluxe accomodation and internal flights to camping safaris where you sleep in tents out in the open, with only the basic amenities available.

How Do I know a suitable Safari:
Just let us know what your budget and preferences are. We then send you our suggestion made by our expert Safari Consultants. You can make alterations until you manage to get a final safari fitting your needs. We do not charge for helping you find a suitable safari.

How Long should my African safari be?
Generally, this depends on the amount of time you have available for the safari. It can be anything from 3 days to 25 days. The more days you can afford for your safari, the more relaxed the safari will be. As a general rule, a 7 day Safari would be enough to enjoy a safari in most African countries.

What is the difference between a private Safari and a group Tour.
A group tour means you are traveling together with other persons. Normally it would be on a fixed departure dates. The group may be made up of your acquaintances or not. It is normally cheaper to travel in a group. But it does not have any flexibility and personal freedom as everything has to go according to a pre-planned schedule.

A private means you travel with persons of your choice – family, friends, colleagues. You select the dates of travel, the locations to visit, the accommodation type and standard and the duration of the safari. You can make changes with regard to the safari activities and the time to take them.

What medical precautions should we take?
Vaccination requirements change from time to time. We suggest you consult your local doctor or health department for information on the latest health precautions. If you are on prescription medication, please ensure you have an adequate supply to last the duration of your stay and a copy of your prescription(s).

Any advise regarding photography?
For wildlife photography, a 200 mm zoom lens is the smallest that you should use, A 300-400 zoom is preferable. For bird-watchers, a 500mm or larger is necessary, and a wide-angle lens would be ideal for scenic shots.

Bring extra camera and flash batteries and plenty of film - you may find these quite expensive and difficult to obtain locally.