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Kite Surfing In Diani Beach

Kite Surfing In Diani Beach Packages
Country: Kenya
City: Diani
Duration: 3 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Kitesurfing

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Kite surfing in Diani beach one of the best spots to surf on the Kenyan Coast.
Learn how to Kite Surf with a 3-hour Discovery course that combines a Taster session, followed by an introduction to the water-based kites and related technical equipment used with kitesurfing.
We will take the time to examine how the equipment all sets up, the terminology for each individual piece and discuss all the safety aspects of the sport prior to hitting the water.
Once you’re hooked into the kite through the harness it’s time to fully experience the rush of kite flying!

Being able to understand and react to the kite’s pull is the next successive step. You will learn how to steer and control hooked in, hover and stabilize the kite around the wind window and handle the kites lift using the control bar. We will also examine the re-launch techniques required to get the kite back up in the sky when it crashes.
Ideally, towards the end of the first session, we generally expect to be able to get most beginners to a point where they are semi-independent with the kite and starting to think about exploring the power zone and using the kites lift to body drag through the surf.
Our 3-hour Discovery course is ideal for anybody intrigued by the sport and looking to get an idea of what it is all about, without having to fully commit to a full course. No prior experience with either kite flying or any water-based activity is necessary as this course caters for complete beginners.
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