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A Tale Of 2 Trees

Meru, Kenya
Muuru Means Oak Tree in Kimeru. And Oak Trees have a King who sits in the Imenti Forest in Meru – King Muuru. The tree is so large, it takes about 10 adults with outstretched arms to circle it. It has such a large tunnel that goes through the tree trunk and a 3-metre radius doorway; over 20 adults can sit comfortably inside the tree.
And then, in Ndagani, there is the famous Mutunguruni tree which could be the tallest tree in Africa at over 100 feet tall, for you to visit. It has a cultural significance, too, and serves as the shrine for the Chuka sub-tribe. When you visit, though, mind the snakes, there are many on the tree – may be the poor crawling animals just want to see further than God allowed them.

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