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Central Island National Park Exit Our Planet!

Turkana, Kenya
As its name suggests, Central Island grows out of the water in the middle of Lake Turkana. Being of volcanic origin, the island owns three crater lakes, one being home for tilapia fish, another one for thousands of flamingos and the third one for crocodiles. Central Island is also an important breeding place for crocodiles and diverse avifauna, and this is why it is protected as a national park. You can explore the island on foot, it takes only about one hour to climb the highest point from where you enjoy unrivalled vistas over Lake Turkana. If equipped with a tent you may also stay overnight which will give you the chance to watch the changing colours of marvellous sunrises and sunsets and the glittering of myriads of stars. As you have to share the island only with a few rangers, thousands of birds and an unknown crocodile number, and because the volcanic landscape is so weird, be prepared to have an out-of-this-world feeling … The ultimate place for lovers of birds, great landscapes and serenity!

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