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Kalokol Standing Stones

Turkana, Kenya
People don’t expect a mythical experience right next to the main road. But so it may happen at Namorutunga when you drive from Lodwar to Kalokol. A gang of local elders can tell you all about the people of stone, which is the literal translation of the local name of the site. As the tale goes, the basalt pillars once where people dancing who was cursed and turned into stone by an angry sorcerer. Archaeologists are not so sure that this is the true origin of the site but rather suspect that it has been a place of worship since approximately 2,000 years. Whatever the truth might be, it is beyond doubt that Namorutunga has been a spiritual power place for people since a very long time. The local Turkana still pray here, which you can tell by the many pebbles that are placed on the stone pillars. When you pay a visit, talk to the people of stone or simply have a look at the open-air temple which is presumably two millennia old …

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