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Lake Bogoria

Nairobi, Kenya
A very scenic and attractive area to visit, Lake Bogoria is a salt lake in a volcanic region of Kenya and is a little south of the Rift Valley. Because of the water, the lake is very attractive for lesser flamingos and the area was turned into the Lake Bogoria National Reserve. Here you will find one of the world’s largest populations of lesser flamingos and it makes an excellent day trip.
The lake is quite shallow and is famous for its hot springs and geysers due to its location in a volcanic area. The geysers erupt to about 5 meters high making for quite a spectacle and at one location around the lakes you can find 10 in the same area, which means the lake is home to the highest concentration of true geysers in the whole of Africa.
In addition to the scenery and abundant flamingos, the lake is famous for the reflections of the Laikipia escarpment. The flamingos are also not the only wildlife you will see here, as you also stand a good chance of spotting kudu, a majestic and famous African antelope.

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