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Lake Victoria

Kisumu, Kenya
At Kenya’s Western frontier lies the great expanse of Lake Victoria. This massive lake, commonly known as Nyanza, is twice the size of Wales, and forms a natural boundary between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
The lake is the heart of the African continent, the source of its mightiest river, the Nile. This mighty body of water is rich in fish life, with shimmering shoals of colourful cichlids and large Nile Perch.
Fishing brings many visitors to this lake, mainly in search of the Nile Perch, considered a world class game fish.
Lake Victoria is the world's second largest freshwater lake covering an area of 67,850 square kilometers. This vast expanse, about the size of the Republic of Ireland, forms the headwaters of the River Nile. The nearest major town next to the lake is Kisumu, which is 350 kilometers from Nairobi by road.

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