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Mombasa Go-kart

Mombasa, Kenya

What is Karting?

Karting, called Go-Kart or Kart, is a track racing event with small rear-engined, four-wheeled cars. Karting is where motorsport starts, it is considered as the little brother of track races. Karting is exploding in popularity everywhere around the world and represents one of the best forms of amateur racing to become involved in. Karting, besides being a nice hobby, is also a good base for other motorsports. Many rally and formula drivers started with karting. Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton are good examples.

The best sale is our Fun-Race Program

  • Briefing on Karts and safety gear.

  • 5 laps Warm-up. --> Get used to the track and karts.

  • 5 laps Qualifying. --> Who will start in pole position?

  • 10 laps Race. --> Formula 1 like start from the grid.

  • Winners presentation on the podium and a certificate for the best three.


Are there any special requirements?
You must be at least 10 years old and at least 54 inches (1.47 meters) tall to race at full speed. For younger or shorter kids we can reduce the maximum speed to about 10km/h.

Do I need special racing gear to use the go-karts?
Helmets are mandatory and are available at no charge for your use. Furthermore, we provide shoes and overalls, also at no charge.

What do I have to do to drive with the Mombasa Go-Karts?
You have to become a member of Mombasa Go-Kart and sign a waiver of liability: The annual track membership is free. All that is required is to fill out a membership form. Furthermore, you have to study the -Track Rules and Regulations. The paperwork takes only a minute or two.

I've never go-karted before, and the thought of it is a bit scary.
Relax, this will be both fun and easy. If you don't give it a try we can guarantee it will remain some of the best fun you've never had. We will spend time with you before your rental period begins getting you fitted to a kart and safety gear. We will then give you an orientation to our track and its use. We spend a few minutes watching other go-karts navigate the track while pointing out all the dos and don'ts.

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