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South Turkana National Reserve

Turkana, Kenya

When travelling from Kitale to Lodwar, most people drive past Turkana’s largest nature reserve without even sensing what they are missing. South Turkana National Reserve is probably one of the least visited nature reserves in the whole of Kenya but it is a hidden gem! Chances to meet other tourists there are minimal. So why don’t you just fancy to possess your own private national park?! You can explore South Turkana by 4WD or on foot. You may see oryx antelopes, gazelles, warthogs, a wonderful birdlife, even lions and leopards and most prominently: elephants! Animals are shyer and harder to trace than in the popular parks of Southern Kenya, but in exchange for that, you don’t have to share them with a pack of minibuses. The true adventure of South Turkana is its scenic beauty of vast plains with anthills of record-breaking height and singular mountains, anyway.

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