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A Full Day Visit To Masai Village Tour

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A unique African safari to a traditional Masai village A rare opportunity to live one day the Masai way The Tour Highlights Connect Participate Change This Tour offers you a day of connecting to . .
Country: Kenya
City: Nairobi
Duration: 8 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours
Package Itinerary
A unique African safari to a traditional Masai village … A rare opportunity to live one day the Masai way
The Tour Highlights
Connect – Participate – Change
This Tour offers you a day of connecting to people where everyone contributes and participate and everyone’s lives change.
This day is all about sharing stories and immersing yourself in a Masai culture.
You will forge friendships and gain a true understanding of family life in a traditional Masai home from the family structure, which includes multiple wives, to inheritance rights, education and community attitudes that impact Masai lives.
There will also be moments that become lifelong memories such as sipping water under an acacia tree with a Masai warrior or creating a traditional piece of Masai jewelry with women as they share their incredible stories about their lives in a traditional Masai community.
Sharing, connecting, contributing and bonding are the cornerstones of this Masai day tour.
More about the Tour
This is not just an ordinary tour. It is a one full day safari where we journey into Masai country, about an hour from Nairobi, to spend an unforgettable day at a traditional Masai village.
The community comes out to welcome us with traditional Masai song and dance, inviting you to immerse yourself in their everyday lives. You will gain intimate and penetrating insights into their culture, lifestyle and traditions.
This is a Magical safari because we are constantly astonished by the magical moments that unfold as our guests and the villagers connect throughout the day. The activities include but not limited to Masai warriors throwing a surprise birthday party, sitting under acacia tree making traditional Masai jewelry and the ‘running of the Masai bulls’.
Few travellers ever have a chance to visit this special place, where this sustainable program is part of the lives of the Masai people who live here.
The Tour Program
We will pick you up from your hotel at 9.00 am for a scenic drive to the traditional village where we will spend the day. We are met by Masai warriors who will invite you to join them as they herd their cattle down a spectacular valley. Along the way, they share cultural insights including the time-honoured Masai tradition of blooding the cow.
It is an easy downhill stroll, which takes us to the village, where a group of women and children will greet you with Kenyan song and dance. The village is a huddle of Manyattas, which are traditional homes made from sticks and mud. We step inside to enjoy a cup of tea with one of the warriors, who share more stories with us about his lifestyle, the rights of passage in his society, marriage and the roles of men and women in traditional Masai society.
Then we’ll help a Masai mother build a manyatta, her new home. After that, you’ll be feeling hungry and the Masai women will invite you to help them make lunch made over a 3 stone fire. As the afternoon unfolds, they’ll guide you in making your own piece of traditional Masai jewellery to keep as a memory of your one day living the Masai way.
  • Private transfers with a local driver-guide
  • Pick up from Nairobi hotel at 09:00 am
  • Drop off to the hotel at about 5:00 pm.
  • A light lunch.
  • Fruits, tea, coffee and water.
Important notes for this Tour

What to Wear
Comfortable covered walking shoes, a hat and a sweater or jacket are the ‘good to haves’. All our activities are low impact and comfortable clothing will help you enjoy the experience even more. Mornings and evenings can be chilly.
Your Food & Drinks
We provide a light lunch, fruit, tea and coffee and unlimited bottled water.

Our Experience of Giving Back and Forging Change
Our holiday experiences are sustainable tourism development safaris. You will be touched by your experience in a real and positive way. You will see our unique approach to travel and solving poverty and play your own personal role in forging change. Your holiday also helps fund our feeding, education, women’s and small business programs. In this way, you are helping to ensure sustainable improvement in people’s lives.

Your Guides & Interpreters
Some of the Kenyans you will meet speak in Swahili, but we always find communication easy and our guides are with you every step of the way in case you need interpretation. All our guides are fluent in English, Swahili and other Kenyan languages. We can organize French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese or sign language interpreters by request.
You're Wellbeing
We strongly advise you to always drink from bottled water to ensure your wellness. Please do not administer first aid if any of the Kenyans you meet in our communities require medical assistance – our staff will apply the required first aid. If you require medications, please ensure you bring them with you on each of our tours as our centres are some distance from good medical options and we may not be able to respond immediately.
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